Social Media Policy

This social media guidance outlines how we intend to manage our social media accounts, and the service that you can expect to receive from us via these channels.

Our official LinkedIn Page can be found at:

Our official X (Twitter) account can be found at:

If you are new to X (Twitter) you may find it useful to look at the following Help Page:


While we monitor the accounts during office hours, this is limited to intermittent observation.

In the event of incidents, we will attempt to provide additional monitoring.

We can take no responsibility for any point at which social media services are unavailable, whether this is due to our actions, due to general issues with the social media sites themselves, due to internet access in your area or due to any other factors.

Other ways you can contact us

You can find useful information on our website

You can email us on

What we post about

Via our LinkedIn and Twitter streams, you can expect brief updates and pointers relating to our work and collaborations.

If you follow or like one of our social media accounts, we will not automatically follow you back. If we do follow you, being followed by us should not be construed as an endorsement.

How we will respond

We are happy for you to direct questions, queries and comments to us via our social media accounts, but please note that it is likely to be publicly viewable on your social media account unless you send it as a private or direct message. If you have set up a protected Twitter account the public will not be able to see your tweet, and neither will we. Whilst we may be happy to receive questions through our social media we will not be treating this as our formal queries source because of its very nature of being a public and more casual social medium of communications.

If you want to ensure that your communication with us is both answered and/or private, we request you email On occasion we therefore may have to ask you to contact us by email to enable us to properly handle your enquiry. We aim to respond to all formal queries as quickly as possible. In some cases, we may have to consult an expert to ensure that we give you the right information or answer. In these cases, we may take longer to answer. Where this is the case we will keep you informed of this.

Special circumstances when we may not be able to take your post into consideration include:

If your query is not submitted in good faith we may decide not to respond. This may apply if the enquiry contains:

  • party political material
  • potentially false or misleading statements including any attempt to impersonate any person, or misrepresent your identity or affiliation with any person
  • any commercial endorsement, promotion of any product, service or publication
  • language which is offensive, intemperate, or provocative. This not only includes obvious swear words and insults, but any language to which people reading it could reasonably take offence
  • is in a language other than English – unfortunately, we do not have the resource to respond to posts in other languages
  • refers to a subject or topic that is unrelated to Brunel’s work or remit
  • relates to a subject or issue that we have previously responded to you about
  • originates from an account that has previously directed enquiries that fall under any of these categories.

Additionally, we may decide not to respond, or, if we think it is appropriate, block you from engaging with us and/or delete the post or request that the social media site removes the post, if the post:

  • incites hatred on the basis of race, religion, gender, nationality or sexuality or other personal characteristic
  • contains malicious or offensive comments or constitute a personal attack on a person’s character
  • contains slanderous comments against Brunel or our staff
  • contains personal details, such as private addresses, phone numbers, email addresses or other online contact details, whether or not they would breach privacy laws
  • breaks or may be breaking the law – this includes libel, condoning illegal activity, trade secrets, national security and breaking copyright.

NB: For rules associated specifically with Twitter, see

We reserve the right to report breaches of these rules to the site owner.

Private messages

We will not share private or direct messages sent to any of our social media channels with the public without your permission.

Our staff on social media

Information shared by our staff on their personal social media accounts reflect the views of the individual and should not be deemed to represent the views of Brunel, even if they clearly do when compared to Brunel’s public documents. The only officially sanctioned channels for Brunel’s views are:

Requests for information

We welcome your questions, but would ask you, if possible, to email these to

If you do make a request for information via a social media page please make clear that this is a request for information (e.g. by including the words “This is a request for information”), to help us ensure that your request is dealt with promptly, subject to the above statements on our response commitment.

In order to receive a full response to your request, you will need to provide your name and address (this can be an electronic address such as email). Again, we suggest you may prefer to email us at

Complaints and Feedback

If you are not happy with the service we provide or have feedback you would like to bring to our attention, please email us at