FT Longitude interview: Faith Ward & Daniel Spencer on transition finance

Alex Monro
Head of Communications
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FT Longitude and Ninety One have released a podcast interview with Faith Ward, Chief Responsible Investment Officer at Brunel, and Daniel Spencer, Portfolio Manager.

In the interview, Stephen Edwards, Editor of FT Longitude, asked Ward and Spencer how asset owners can pursue transitions without compromising on their fiduciary duties. Policy was among the areas covered.

“In terms of policy announcements around the shift to electric vehicles have delivered clarity and timelines, helping companies and investors to plan ahead,” said Ward. “We need more of that approach.”

The conversation also turned to emerging markets (which will be the focus of COP 27 later this month).

“For asset owners to make a bigger move into emerging markets (EMs), there are a lot more benefits than are perhaps realised. Within EMs and especially China, you have a market that is dominating the climate solutions space, particularly in solar – more than 70% of polysilicon modules will come from China. So if you choose not to invest in EMs you are making it very difficult to influence in the solar space, and you can make similar arguments for wind and electric vehicles as well.”

The full podcast is accessible on the Financial Times website.

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