Green gilt letter to prime minister sparks policy change

Denise Le Gal
Independent Chair
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Downing Street

We believe strongly in the value of policy advocacy at Brunel and this week provided a strong example of it how it can deliver.

Earlier this autumn, on behalf of Brunel, I co-signed a letter that the Impact Investing Institute then sent to the prime minister making the case for the issuance of green gilts. In aggregate, the signatories represented more than £10 trillion.

This week, the chancellor confirmed that the UK will issue its first ever green bond in 2021. In his statement, Rishi Sunak said: “This will be the first in a series of new issuances, as we look to build out a “green curve” over the coming years to help fund projects to tackle climate change, finance much-needed infrastructure investment, and create green jobs across this country.”

To read more about the letter sent to the prime minister, see the Impact Investing Institute website.

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