Human rights & social issues

We seek to invest in companies that respect all human rights, international norms and promote strong labour standards.

Our approach

Our work across human rights and social issues continues to build on the momentum over the past years that has elevated the ā€˜Sā€™ of ESG.

  • expect our fund managers to understand and support the struggle against violations of human rights.
  • insist that companies comply with all legal requirements and the duty to respect all internationally recognised human rights, including the obligations of the Modern Slavery Act in the UK and the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business Human Rights (UNGPs).
  • encourage companies to adopt and to increase use of appropriate technology to improve transparency on end-to-end supply chains. We engage with companies on their approach to human capital management.
Case Study

Infrastructure ā€“ Nobina Project "Rise"

In our Cycle 2- General Infrastructure portfolio, we are co-investors alongside Basalt in Nobina, a bus transport and special needs transportation provider in the Nordics. Nobina has a fleet of ~3,700 buses and transports ~317 million passengers per year.

Bus transportation produces less GHG than the equivalent car journeys, in tandem the vehicle fleet is 78% powered by renewable fuel. By 2030, Nobina is targeting 100% renewable fuel and 80% less CO2 emissions per km driven against its 2015 baseline, with further energy efficiency measures in depots and bus heating. Nobina played an important role during the COVID pandemic through providing special needs transportation for the elderly and sick.