Case Study

NTR — Reclaimed Landfill Site

NTR has acquired Ockendon solar farm following its acquisition from REG Power Management. The solar farm is located in Essex (UK), with the solar farm considered to be one of the largest to be built on a repurposed landfill site in Europe and will provide 58.8MWp for 17,000 homes, once operational.

NTR is held in our Cycle 1 Infrastructure portfolio. In line with NIR’s focus on creating a circular economy to protect the environment, the former landfill site is being left undisturbed, with specialist engineering and design techniques being adopted by NIR to repurpose the land for renewable energy power generation.

Using the latest solar technology, NIR will install 540Watt bi-facial solar panels which are capable of capturing sunlight on both sides of the panel. These panels have a higher efficiency rate, resulting in increased output density and optimisation of energy yields per square metre. Mobilisation works have commenced with the project expected to be fully operational in Q3 2023.