Brunel announces a change at the top

Denise Le Gal
Independent Chair
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Following several hugely impactful and formational early years as the Independent Chair of Brunel Pension Partnership Denise Le Gal will be stepping down towards the end of 2024 having by then having served nearly eight years.

It is with mixed feelings that I announce that I will be stepping down as Chair of Brunel.

As a founding member of Brunel, I have had the honour and pleasure of guiding the company from an idea to a dynamic organisation, managing over £37bn on behalf of its clients. It has been a massive privilege to lead this unique and special entity. But, as a passionate believer in good governance, it is time for my tenure as Chair to come to an end, for the mature and established Brunel to enter an exciting new chapter.

I will be staying at Brunel to ensure continuity and an orderly transition to a new Chair, for whom the recruitment process has now begun.

Laura Chappell, CEO commented:

Brunel will miss the passion, expertise and wisdom that Denise has brought over the years, but more than that, the humanity and fun that she brings to the Board and all members of staff.

I will personally miss her support, guidance and inherent dedication to ‘forging better futures by investing for a world worth living in’. However, we are looking forward to taking the next step in Brunel’s journey.

Recruitment for a new Independent Chair is underway. Along with having Denise to support through the transition, Patrick Newberry, Liz McKenzie, Miles Geldard and Roelie van Wijk will continue to support Brunel, and the new Chair, in their roles as Non-Executive Directors.

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