Faith Ward: No Just Transition, no Net Zero

Alex Monro
Head of Communications
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“Unless the transition is socially just, it is just not going to happen – it’s fundamental to achieving Net Zero,” said Faith Ward, Chief Responsible Investment Officer at Brunel.

Ward was speaking on a panel hosted by Asset TV under the title Just Transition: Why we need it.

In a wide-ranging discussion, Ward spoke about Brunel’s work with asset managers to ensure they were working closely with indigenous communities; engaging with companies on social issues; and the recent launch of the Cornwall Local Impact portfolio.

“Supporting Cornwall Pension Fund to create a new portfolio was important because it supports both affordable housing and renewable energy – so it brings the two priorities together,” said Ward.

Asked for one takeaway message from the interview, Ward concluded: “The Just Transition is vital and you can take action by talking to your asset managers and using the tools and guidance coming out via Climate Action 100+ and others. You are increasingly equipped to take action and it’s vital that you do so.”

You can watch the complete video on the Asset TV website.

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