Brunel Chair marks completion of listed fund launches

Alex Monro
Head of Communications
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In this video, Denise Le Gal, Chair of the Brunel board, thanks all teams and staff at the company for their work in completing the delivery of our listed market portfolios.


We would also like to take this chance to thank several external partners who have likewise made this achievement possible:

Harry Stead, Deloitte: for putting LGPS in a lower-risk position to benefit from our tax status across both listed and private markets – and for excellent collaboration and engagement with pool companies

Karen Stephens, HR Champions: For helping us set up HR, defining policies, and identifying Jenny and Gina’s skills in this area

Michael Simpson, State Street: For owning operational issues and resolving them, and supporting us as needs have mounted and our services have evolved

Steve Forrow, contractor: for his approach to developing financial models to enable a high-quality ICAAP, and for his help developing our approach to mental health. One of the Brunel family.

Mahindar Ashok, Deloitte: for excellent management on internal audit, understanding our role and needs carefully – very important to our business

Nick Buckland, Mercer: for using his deep knowledge of the partnership, its history, processes and ambitions to provide a vital bridge in communications between all stakeholders – his commitment to Brunel has been invaluable





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