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In 2018, our clients directed the broader partnership to deliver an enormous range of listed markets portfolios, spanning a diversity of asset classes, geographies, strategies and investment timeframes.

Just three years later, we have delivered on that agenda, going from zero to £27 billion in AUM across our listed market portfolios. It is an exceptional achievement that reflects the rigour and commitment of teams right across Brunel.

Our listed launches culminated this summer with three new fixed income portfolios, which together represent £5.5 billion of client funds: the Passive Gilts, Multi Asset Credit and Sterling Corporate Bond portfolios (see links below).

“The depth of due diligence involved in portfolio design and manager selection has, remarkably, been matched by the pace of delivery,” said Laura Chappell, CEO at Brunel Pension Partnership. “Every single team at Brunel has been involved in this achievement, and we have managed to deliver these numerous portfolios despite Covid and lockdown. It’s an exceptional achievement.”

Extended process
Consulting with clients on desired new portfolios involves detailed interactions across Brunel.

Throughout the process, we have always focused above all on our fiduciary duty to clients. This has meant we have looked for cost-effective solutions which prioritise the appropriate risk-return profile. It also means we have always taken a highly consultative approach.

We are delighted with the outcome – in terms of the portfolios we have created, the pension money our clients have transitioned to those portfolios, the managers we have appointed, and the RI principles we have embedded throughout both the portfolios and the processes adopted to create them. After just three years, we have delivered a strong and diverse listed markets proposition.

Looking ahead
With all our listed portfolios created, our focus across listed markets now shifts from invention to evolution. We now have 17 portfolios to report on, monitor and develop. Crucially, we now have 30 managers to monitor too. Moreover, as we develop our thinking on our RI, and how we apply our RI principles, we need to integrate future progress on RI into all areas of portfolio development and monitoring.


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