Brunel CIO responds to government call for UK pension funds to target green infrastructure

Alex Monro
Head of Communications
11th August 2021

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The prime minister and chancellor of the exchequer recently called on UK pension funds to up their investments in the UK’s emerging green infrastructure. Here is how David Vickers, our chief investment officer, responded.
The prime minister is right to say that UK pension funds should play a central role in helping enable the green technologies of the future. However, some of us already are. Brunel Pension Partnership has launched funds that are now invested in green housing and infrastructure in the UK – from energy-efficient affordable housing to giant greenhouses in East Anglia that cut GHG emissions by 75% to wind generation to green industrial parks, hotels and office buildings. These investments meet the long-term financial objectives of our clients, as well as their environmental and social aspirations. In short, they are very much helping the UK build back better. But we would like to do more. The onus is now on the government to ensure it invites leading UK pension funds to the consultation table, so that new initiatives are fully accessible to our own funds – not just to international investors. The government is hosting a pre-COP 26 investment conference focused on UK green industries with international investors. Consulting with UK pension funds in the same way would be an important step in increasing domestic investment in emerging green infrastructure.
David Vickers, Chief Investment Officer, Brunel Pension Partnership



See below for an example of a green infrastructure project Brunel’s funds are invested in.

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