Winds of change: A year for asset owners to raise the pressure on managers


In 2020, we saw debate around investing through climate change receive a boost from the pause brought on by COVID-19 and the ensuing lockdowns.

I expect that focus to increase in 2021, as we look forward to COP 26, the UN climate conference due to take place in Glasgow this November.

Besides all that, investors have new climate data to parse; a new climate investment framework to use; and a greater focus on climate investing from both the UK government and City of London to contend with.

It will not be an easy year for climate laggards who do not wish to match words with actions. That is why I have written my thoughts for Financial News (Dow Jones) on how the investing culture is changing when it comes to climate. My message was simple: “Time’s up for fund managers who don’t act on climate change.”

You can read the article here (but note the paywall): Time’s up for fund managers who don’t act on climate change

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