Exercising? Bringing sustainable development goals into Strategic Asset Allocation

Faith Ward
Chief Responsible Investment Officer
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Clean energy, sustainable cities, climate action, justice… How do you integrate such a range of investment themes – and their associated risks – into Strategic Asset Allocation? How do you turn conceptual goals into tangible policies?

To give a taste of what that might look like in practice, we created an exercise. That exercise now features as an ‘Investment Tools’ case study on the the UNPRI website.

At Brunel Pension Partnership, each of our clients set their own Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA) individually.

So we ran workshops to assist clients in thinking about how to integrate Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into their SAA.

The exercise really got people engaged in the practicalities of how to start applying the goals at that early stage of SAA. Bringing the goals to life helps show the potential for using them at every stage of the investment process.

To read more about the sessions we ran, visit our case study page on the UNPRI website and read their blog.

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