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PRESS RELEASE, 20 November 2018


Brunel Pension Partnership (Brunel) is pleased to announce its plans for launching its Emerging Markets Equities sub-fund.

The key activity will be a search for the best emerging market equity managers to partner with. This search will be an open, comprehensive two-stage process. The formal search process will begin in January 2019, when Brunel intends to issue a call for any interested managers to submit an Expressions of Interest. Brunel will be assisted throughout the process by consultants from Inalytics and from Redington.

The sub-fund will be delivered through the ACS platform Brunel has developed in conjunction with FundRock, with the formal launch and transition scheduled for Q3 2019, making it the third sub-fund on the platform.

The Emerging Markets portfolio size will be approximately £1.3bn sterling.

Mark Mansley, Chief Investment Officer, Brunel Pension Partnership_crop“With this search we are taking the approach of inviting managers to be involved right from the offset,” says Mark Mansley, Chief Investment Officer at Brunel Pension Partnership. “Emerging Markets (EM) will be the source of over half of global economic growth over the next 10 years. EM are also home to a growing number of world class companies as well as interesting niche business able to access particular opportunities. Undoubtedly there’s great potential here for investment managers able to think long-term and find the best opportunities. We are starting the process of identifying the best of these today.”

At this stage Brunel is interested in receiving strategic research and thought pieces on investing in emerging market equities from fund managers (but not proposals, newsletters or fund/strategy presentations) as we finalise our background research and prepare our search documents.

Managers who are interested in this search are invited to pre-register, if they have not already done so, by sending an email with key organisational details to The email should have a subject of ‘Brunel Emerging Markets’. If an acknowledgement is not received within 48-hours, please phone us on 07458 144663. As part of the acknowledgement, managers will be invited to pre-load holdings and transaction data with Inalytics to facilitate their analysis.

Nick Samuels, Head of Manager Research for Redington, says: “It’s a pleasure to work with an organisation which has a genuinely long-term investment horizon as well as the ability to thoroughly assess the merits of each asset class and select the best active managers to access the opportunities available.”

Rick Di Mascio, CEO at Inalytics, says: “Inalytics is excited to be working with the team at Brunel to find best in class managers for these selection exercises, using our unique approach to assess the quality of fund managers’ decisions. In our twenty years of working with, and observing, elite managers, we know from our data how skilful managers add value, even in challenging times like these for emerging markets.”

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Used by over 50 of the most elite asset managers and owners in the world, Inalytics analysis enables Asset Managers and Owners to go beyond traditional holdings-based attribution to capture the complete picture of how an investment process adds value. This is done by analysing the full range of decisions, including the buys and sells, so that the analysis accurately reflects the decisions being taken and captures the key drivers of a successful process.

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Redington is an independent investment advisor to more than 90 long-term global investors, including pension funds, insurance companies and wealth managers, headquartered in London. The company has a long-term vision of improving the financial security of 100 million people via clear and differentiated outcome focused advice. Redington was founded in 2006 and has a team of 150 staff who advise on £430 billion of assets.

About Brunel Pension Partnership

Brunel Pension Partnership (Brunel) brings together circa £30 billion investments of 10 likeminded Local Government Pension Scheme funds. We believe in making long-term sustainable investments supported by robust and transparent process. We are here to protect the interests of our clients and their members. In collaboration with all our stakeholders we are forging better futures by investing for a world worth living in.

Brunel is one of eight national LGPS pools and will manage the investment of the pension assets for the funds of Avon, Buckinghamshire, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Environment Agency, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Somerset and Wiltshire.

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