Brunel Pension Partnership releases its RI Policy

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Brunel Pension Partnership has published its Responsible Investment (RI) Policy, underlining its approach of integrating RI thinking throughout the company.

“At Brunel, we believe the only way to truly fulfil your fiduciary duty is to be a responsible investor from the top down and the bottom up,” says Mark Mansley, Chief Investment Officer at Brunel Pension Partnership. “Our approach has three pillars: to integrate, to collaborate and to be transparent. The mindset of responsible investment is embedded into every decision we make, as we believe this is crucial to ensure the long-term growth of our funds.”

Quoting directly from the Policy, Faith Ward, Chief Responsible Investment Officer at Brunel Pension Partnership and the RI Policy’s author, adds: “Brunel aims to deliver stronger investment returns over the long term, protecting our clients’ interests through contributing to a more sustainable and resilient financial system, which supports sustainable economic growth and a thriving society.”


Please note that our Responsible Investment policy has been updated since this article went live. You may like to read our latest Responsible Investment Policy.

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