Our Approach

As stated in our Values, at Brunel Pension Partnership Limited (Brunel) we believe in making long-term, sustainable investments supported by robust and transparent processes. We offer our client funds a broad range of portfolio options with the aim of allowing them the flexibility to meet their own investment strategy needs, whilst equipping us to manage risk and generate sustainable, long-term returns.

Brunel is set up with a structure of about 24 portfolios (grouped below), which allows clients flexibility to fine tune asset allocation and reflect market developments. We offer a suite of portfolios specifically selected to provide a reasonable level of consolidation, whilst at the same time giving our clients the freedom to choose how they allocate their assets.

A long history as asset owners gives our investment team the ability to clearly think in 10 to 20-year timeframes. As such, environment and social risk considerations, along with good governance and stewardship, are integrated into our decision making processes. Adaptability is key, which allows clients flexibility to fine tune asset allocation and reflect market developments.

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We are here to protect the interests of our 10 client funds and their beneficiaries. In collaboration with all our stakeholders we are forging better futures by investing for a world worth living in.

The primary objective of Brunel Pension Partnership Ltd (Brunel) is to enable each Fund to deliver its fiduciary duty to act in the best long-term interests of its members.

Brunel has created its Asset Management Accord to facilitate long-term relationships between the investment pool and its appointed managers.


Brunel intends to offer to its clients around 25 “portfolios” to implement their investment strategy. These include:

passive equities and bonds
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active equities
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private markets
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fixed interest
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liquid alternatives
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Each portfolio is outcome based and intended to offer exposure to a particular asset class or sub class, or particular theme or approach.

Implementation of the portfolios will be outsourced to selected asset managers – with between one and five managers per portfolio.